Who We Are

A Little More
About Us.

Upendo International Charity Group is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2021 in Columbus, OH, in The US.
Upendo aims to help new arrival immigrants smoothly integrate into American society by providing them with skills to get good jobs for better support for their families.
Help low-income refugee families struggling to get basic needs in their transitional period.
To alleviate the suffering of people living in extreme poverty in our community and developing countries

Nestor Buzimba, former Director at I.T.M.Uvira (Institut Techniques Medical d’Uvira), a Nursing School in DRC. and Chief Nursing Officer at Emanuel Medical Center in Lilongwe Malawi, is a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Creating this organization is to help underprivileged people and alleviate the suffering of new arrivals, immigrants, and people living in extreme poverty in our communities and the world.

What Motivated Me
To Help Others

After arriving in The US from a Malawi refugee camp in 2016, finding a job was difficult. Transportation to work was another big equation. I had no driving skills and no money to buy my car. After about seven months of struggling in North Carolina, I decided to move to Columbus, OH, to find out if I could get a better job with my wife and face new life conditions.

When I arrived here in Columbus, OH, because I could not afford to pay rent for an apartment, I was given shelter by a Pastor servant of God and a friend, who with his wife agreed to share their house for two years to get organized and find our own house. Another servant of God, a pastor and former immigrant from Africa, offered to teach me driving when he noticed that I was losing a lot of money to pay someone to ride us to work. After moving to Ohio from North Carolina and getting a job at DHL Rodan&Field, I bought my first car. Still, a few days later, I had an accident, my wife and I got severely injured and hospitalized for two days, but by God’s grace, we survived; my car got destroyed. I purchased a second vehicle and got the same problem because I was driving with a lot of stress and few driving skills; this brings us a lot of sorrow and more difficulties.

From these bad experiences we passed through, I dream of assisting others facing the same conditions on their arrival in the USA.

Vision Statement
To be the leading organization in the fighting against extreme poverty in our community and overseas. To reduce the stresses that face most of the new arrival immigrants in the USA. To empower people with important skills that allow them to self-sustain in the future.
Values Statement
The following values are core to UPENDO INTERNATIONAL CHARITY GROUP INC.
to success and help accomplish its mission.
caring about people in need and all services provided to them is our main reason to exist. We believe that our success will be measured by the outcome of our work and not by just our existence in the world of nonprofit organizations.
We are committed to always do the right things when assisting our people by all means we can.
We are sensitive to the needs of all our partners in providing services that fit the needs of our beneficiaries.We are committed to assist individuals and families with great respect without any kind of discrimination. We are committed to work with the other organizations,agencies and businesses aiming to assist in improving the lives of people.
We believe that our employees and volunteers are a great strength of our organization,we encourage them to be well organized so that they should be trusted by the public and that the services they are providing to the community be accepted and profitable to the people in need.
Our organization is founded on the following scriptures from the Bible that we believe and are committed to follow as our guidance: Mathews 22;39 ( Love your neighbor like yourself ),Isaiah:58:10 (Feed the hungry,and help those in trouble,then your light will shine out from the darkness,and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon) and Proverbs 28:27(Whoever gives to the poor will not want,but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse).
Alleviate the suffering of people living in extreme poverty by doing the following:
-Improve the lives of our community by providing them free services and essential stuff for basic life needs.
-Sensitize young adults to help in the findings of the solution of community hardship
-Educate and train people how to be self-sustained.
-Get funds for assisting people in need in our community and in developing countries
-Be the active voice of the voiceless in our community and the world as much as we can.
To unite and sensibilize our communities to contribute to the development of their lives and the lives of others.
Our Partners

  1. Churches and faith-based Organizations
  2. Non-Profit Organizations
  3. Residential programs
  4. Business companies
  5. Medical Care Services
  6. Emergency preparedness teams
  7. Crisis response teams
  8. Unaccompanied minors child protection organizations
  9. Domestic violence and homelessness programs