What We Do



Teach skills that help people to improve their lives.

Provide free English as a Second language (ESL)to adults in our community

Donate basic school supplies to poor students and undeveloped public schools


Protection of the Environment

We encourage and educate people on how to protect the environment. Such as: Skip the water bottle, pick up trades, use a low-flow shower, sign up for e-billing, plant trees, and vegetables in their garden. we advise people to eat less meat but more vegetables, etc.


Fight against poverty and hunger.

Help people find jobs, donate tools, seeds, and fertilizer to small farmers, and fishing nets for fishers in underdeveloped countries.

What We Have Been Doing For Better Tomorrow


Projects elaboration.

we are organizing and developing projects that aim to improve the lives of underprivileged and impoverished people.


Health promotion:

Teach people in our community how to prevent diseases.



Providing counseling for victims of battery and abuse.


Intervention in calamity

Help evacuate victims of disasters by providing the means of transportation and assisting them in finding temporary shelters.